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1.Every year the Ministry of ST & SC Department and M & BCW Department, Government of Odisha invites application from eligible fresh / senior SC / ST / OBC +2 & +3 students for award / renewal of Post Matric Scholarship.
Eligibility criteria as notified by the Govt. of Odisha from time to time.
i. Permanent Resident of Odisha
ii. Annual income of parents shall not exceed. Rs. 2.00,000 for SC ST and 1,00,000 for OBC students.
iii. OBC students should secure at least 50% marks in last examination appeared.
2.To promote higher education, The Department of Higher Education, Government of Odisha awards (Medhabruti) Scholarship to the meritorious students. The Junior Merit (+2) and Senior Merit (+3) Scholarship amounts Rs.3000 and Rs. 5000 per annum respectively.
El. 1. Permanent Resident of Odisha
2. Annual Income of parents shall not exceed Rs. 6.00 lakh.
3. Minimum 70% marks for boys and 60% marks for girls in last exam. appeared.
7. National Loan Scholarship is awarded by the Government of India to the meritorious and deserving students.
8. The Government of India awards some scholarships to the children of primary school teachers for post Matric studies.
9. Besides these free studentships, SSG grants are also given to the deserving students by the College.
10. Other scholarships, loans, stipends, etc. as may be available are notified from time to time on the college notice boards. Besides the above, the college awards the following scholarships to the students.

1. Dr. Sadananda Tripathy Merit-cum-Poverty Scholarship :

Dr. Sadananda Tripathy Retd. C.D.M.O., Govt. of Orissa has deposited a sum of Rs. 5000/- as fixed deposit in the State Bank of India, Bhanjanagar. The interest of the F .D.R. is paid as Merit cum-Poverty scholarship to students of +2 Sc. class subject to the condition that the scholarship will be continued in favor of the student till he secures 50% marks in annual examinations. However the scholarship will be withdrawn if the student is found undisciplined or becomes wayward. The scholarship is awarded @ Rs. 40/- per month.

2. Sri Lalit Mohan Patnaik Memorial Award :

A sum of Rs. 1000/- has been deposited by Sri Lalit Mohan Patnaik. its annual interest will be utilized to award poor and meritorious students. The Free ship and SSG Committee will select the students for award.

3. Sri Mahadeo Tripathy Award :

Sri Mahadeo Tripathy has donated a sum of Rs. 550/- which has been kept as Fixed deposit in State Bank of India. The annual interest is utilized In giving book prizes to two students standing 1 st and 2nd position in Oriya essay competition. The prizes are awarded in the annual function of Oriya Sahitya Samaj.

4. Mahendra Memorial Award:

A sum of Rs. 5000/- has been deposited by Sri Ladu Kishore Bisoyi in memory of his late son Mahendra Kumar Bisoyi, Ex-student of this college who expired in a drowning accident. The interest of the amount will be utilized in the following manner.
i) Book worth 50% of the interest will be given as prize to the students having secured highest marks in +2 Science examination and studying in the college in +3 Science 1st year.
ii) The rest 50% of the interest will be paid in cash to poor-cum Meritorious students of +3 final year science.

5. Sri Baidyanath Patnaik Award:

A sum of Rs.1000/- has been deposited by Sri Baidyanath Patnaik, a retd. teacher of Bhanjanagar, interests of which will be utilized by purchasing books and giving them as prizes to the students of Arts, Science & Commerce faculties in +3 stage.

6. Eligible students can apply different types of Scholarship according to the notice.


1. No student, receiving one scholarship shall be permitted to hold any other scholarship provided fully or partly by the government without the special sanction of the Director, Higher Education, Orissa. such sanction shall be accorded only for very distinguished merit. (Act 625, O.E.C.)
2. Scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if the progress or conduct of the scholar is unsatisfactory. (Art 706, O.E.C.)
3. Absence without leave for a period of 30 days at a time entails loss of scholarship and absence without leave for more than 30 days at a time will entail for failure of the scholarship.
4. Absence with leave upto 7 days at one time will entail loss of scholarship (Art 707, O.E.C.)