College Election

i) The election to Student's Union and other sister Associations shall be held every year as per the order of Hon'ble Supreme court and as per the Notification of the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of Orissa. ii) A date for holding the College election will be notified by the Principal in accordance with the Notification of the Govt issued every year. Iii) The Principal may withhold election if he is satisfied that holding of the election is detrimental to the general interest of the institution. iv) The election shall be conducted as per the guidelines issued by the Hon'ble supreme court of India. v) The detailed "Election-Programme" shall be notified by the Principal on the day as specified in the Govt. order. vi) The Principal shall notify the codes of conduct of Election on the specified date for the information of all students. The codes of conduct shall be strictly followed. vii) A grievance redressed cell may be constituted by the Principal for the smooth conduct of election. The grievance cell shall be mandated with the redressed of election related grievances. viii) Nominations to the election of office bearers duly proposed and seconded by bonafide students of the college of current academic session, should reach the Principal on the scheduled date as per the "election programme". ix) Nominations shall be filed and scrutinized on the dates as specified in the Government order. x) The withdrawal of nominations and the final list of contesting candidates shall be notified on the scheduled date as per the "Election-programme". xi) The election will be held on the day as notified by the Principal in accordance with the schedule, mentioned in the Government Order, issued from time to time. xii) Any violation or contravention of the issued guidelines and codes of conduct shall make the candidate liable to be stripped of his elected post, as the case may be. The college authority shall take appropriate disciplinary action against such a violation. xiii) A student has to be in the college uniform on the day of the poll. xiv) The polling shall be made by secret ballot. xv) Every bonafide student of the college is eligible to contest and cast his/her vote. One voter will cast one vote for one post for which election will be held. xvi) A student whose name is not there in the voters list which is to be notified prior to the election date cannot participate in the college election. xvii) Candidate securing maximum-number of votes shall be declared elected to their respective posts and will hold their offices for one academic session only. xviii) in case of equality of votes between any two or more candidates the election of successful candidate shall be decided by lot. xix) The college authorities may appoint observers to observe the conduct of election process. xx) Degree Students attaining the ages between 17 and 22 are eligible to contest election. But the minimum age for Participation of Higher secondary students (+2) in election is 15 years / stipulated by Govt. xxi) The Candidate should in no event have any academic arrears in the years of contesting the election. xxii) The candidate should have attained the minimum 75% of attendance. xxiv) The candidate shall not have a previous criminal record. He shall also not have been subject to any disciplinary action by the council / University authorities. xxv) The Candidate must be a regular full time student of the college and should not be a distance / Proximate education student. xxvi) The maximum permitted expenditure per candidate shall be Rs. 5.000/-. xxvii) In the event of the office of any major post of office bearers falling vacant within two months of election, the Vice-president will be promoted to the post of president and Joint Secretary to the post of Secretary.




A} President
b} Vice-President
C} Secretary
d} Assistant Secretary
E} One Representative from each faculty (Arts/Science/ Commerce).


b}Joint Secretary


A} Secretary
b} Joint Secretary


A} Secretary
b}Joint Secretary



A} secretary
b}Asst. Secretary
C} One representative from each faculty (Arts/Science / Commerce)


A} Secretary
b} Joint Secretary


A} Secretary
b} Joint Secretary.


A} Secretary
b} Joint Secretary


1. BOYS’ COMMON ROOM (only for boys)

a] Representative (only +3 students can contestant.
b] Associate Representative (only +2 students can contest)

2. GIRLS’ COMMON ROOM (only for girls.

a] Representative(only +3 students can contest)
b] Associate Representative (only +2 students can contest)


The office bearers of students' union & other associations / societies shall hold offices for the academic session except when he/she :-
i)ceases to be a member of the union or association,
ii)tenders his written resignation whether conditional or unconditional) addressed to the principal.
iii)is removed from the office as provided in Rule (xix) B1 below.


i) Any office bearer shall be removed from office if he/she fails to discharge his/her duty properly. A motion for a vote of no confidence against such a member can only be brought forward before the General Body for consideration provided at least one third (1/3) of the member of the students union -/associations/Societies of the concerned students on roll shall give in writing to the principal through the Adviser / vice-President for such a motion.
ii) On receipt of such requisition the genuineness of the signatures shall be verified and after being satisfied, the Principal shall call for an Extra-ordinary meting of the General body to be held specifically for that purpose, giving at least seven days notice.
iii) Such member shall be deemed to have been passed only. if not less than two-third (2/3) members of the total strength of the union/ Association vote its favor.
IV) Any office falling vacant shall be filled by holding election if the principal so desires.
v) Any office falling vacant after December will be kept vacant.


A)OATH TAKING :After the election, the newly elected office bearers shall take "oath of Office “on a suitable date fixed by the principal/Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of Orissa,
B) Ordinary meeting: An ordinary meeting of the Executive body shall be convened by the Secretary in consultation with the president and adviser in case of other associations/ societies.
C) Extraordinary meeting : An extra-ordinary meeting of the union /Association/Society may be convened.
i) At the principal's discretion.
ii) On written request stating specific purpose addressed to the Principal and signed by not less than 1/3rd of the members of the union/concerned Association. It must come through the Advisor / Vice-presidents of the different associations.
iii) The Principal will consult the advisor /vice-president as the case may be and after being satisfied will allow conducting extraordinary meeting. The principal or his nominee shall preside over the meeting. No meeting can be convened inside the college premises without prior approval of the. Principal.
Any Matters covered/not covered under this chapter, the decision of the Principal is final.