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                                   Academic Calendar of the College for the Session 2018-2019

As per the CMS Guideline of the Department of Higher Education ,Govt of Odisha vide letter No 20792/HE Dt 10/08/2018 for the session 2018-2019 ,this college follows the dateline of various academic related activities and othe extra curicullar activitities as mentioned,however the college Principal in consultation with all the Heads of the department and the Academic committe prepares a Academic callendar of its own par with the CMS or with a minor modification for the students.( College Calendar Page 9-10 ) Every teacher and the students accordingly follow the Calendar .


1) Academic Session:

1st June 2018 to 31st May 2019


2) Admission:

First Year Degree(+3 Arts/Science/Commerce)

The Department of Higher Education Govt.of Odisha has introducet the e-Admission for all the 1st year degree courses from the Academic session 2011-2012 through the departmental website ( in the SAMS link, and accordingly this college strictly follows all the rules and regulations as mentioned in the guideline.


3) Commencement of Classes :

All the 2nd and 3rd year classes of the degree wing starts soon after the reopening of the college as notified by the college,however after the introduction of the new course structure CBCS by the Berhampur University and the examination programme of the Semester ,college changes its time table for conducting classess.All the 1st year classess starts as per the CMS dateline as given in the guideline by the DHE.


4) Conducting College Examination ( Pre-Test,Test,Mid-Semester)

The college conducts the examination like pre test,Test and Semester examination for the different classess before the filling up of the final assess the students performance, however the Mid-Semester examinations are conducted before the End-Semester examination of Berhampur University starts.


5) Filling Up of Forms:

The Berhampur University notifies different dates for filling up of the forms for the students in the University website accordingly college gives information to the students through notice for the filling of forms.Fine dates are also separately mentioned if a student fail to fill up the form in the due date.From this academic session University instructs to all the college to fill up the forms at the time of admission.


6) Commencement of University Examination:

Tha dates of different Semester Examinations are notified by the University earlier for the information of the students and accordingly , progrmmes for the examination are notified by the University in their website. During this academic year the 1st Semester was held in the month of Decemb er 2018, 2nd Semester in Jan 2019,3rd Semester in April 2019,Final TDC in March 2019 and Back Paper in the month of May 2019.


1) Other Activities:

Students Union Election is connducted as per the DHE Notification preferably, before the Puja Vacation .After election the elected office bearer take the Oath of office and starts their functioning of office as per the rules as mentioned in the college calendar. The different competitions are conducted by the students and prizes are distributed in the Students’ Union Function.The date and month of holding function is also specified by the DHE earlier. However, any alteration and taking of the decisions relating to students are taken by the Principal and Staff are strictly followed.


2) Closure of the College:

As per the CMS the college remains closed for the Summer Vacation .However for normal Office work all the Staff members are to turn up to the college as per roaster duty chart during the vacation as notified by the Principal.